Proactive Dispute Resolution

Omnium Resolve is committed to proactive and early claims avoidance, identification and resolution, backed by experience throughout the UAE, GCC and further afield across a diverse range of sectors.

By establishing strong relationships from the start, and focused on problem-solving, our personal level of care, complete suite of support and service excellence delivers proactive dispute resolution that creates clear pathways for our clients on projects of any size.

Our Services

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Contract Support

Early partnership to plan procurement and appointment strategies, processes and frameworks.

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Dispute Avoidance

Proactive monitoring and management which identifies, addresses and rectifies issues at an early stage.

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Quantum & Delay Analysis

Complete in-house complex claims management from quantum and delay analysis specialists.

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Dispute Resolution

Problem-solving focused on the commercial resolution of issues, allowing projects to progress.

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Experienced management, advice, cross-examination preparation and hearing support.

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Expert Witness

Independent, trusted and unbiased expert services from specialists with global industry experience.

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Omnium Resolve Project Experience

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About Omnium Resolve

Enjoying extensive global experience across sectors ranging from hospitality, residential and commercial to oil and gas, aviation and infrastructure, Omnium Resolve’s versatile and collaborative team brings the knowledge and skills needed to move forward projects of any size.

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