Our Dispute Resolution Services

Omnium Resolve’s specialist team partners with clients throughout the lifecycle of a development. Part of Omnium International, but working independently, our team delivers integrated project expertise ensuring seamless claims avoidance and management support right from the start.

Our complete range of services is led by a proactive and collaborative approach that delivers practical and commercially-aware solutions, focused on our clients’ goals and creating clear pathways for projects to progress.

It is important to Omnium Resolve that, wherever necessary, we deliver professional, unambiguous and unbiased advice that is trusted and reliable in order to protect our clients’ best interests

Daniel Hughes, Omnium Resolve
Daniel Hughes,
Director of Omnium Resolve

Clarity in complex claims

Central to our Director-led approach is early involvement in a project’s lifecycle, allowing us to anticipate and work proactively on dispute avoidance measures.

If a dispute progresses, Omnium Resolve’s expert and arbitration services ensure issues are professionally and efficiently handled.

Whether working on site or supporting from our head office, Omnium Resolve creates clear pathways to resolution, minimising risk and protecting our clients’ investments and reputations.

Extensive global sector experience

Omnium Resolve’s specialist team enjoys worldwide experience and strong understanding across sectors including:

  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Mixed Use Commercial
  • Oil & Gas
  • High-Rise
  • Education
  • Airports & Aviation
  • Leisure, Retail & Hospitality
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Omnium Resolve’s services

Omnium Resolve Contract Support Image

Contract Support

Early partnership to plan procurement and appointment strategies, processes and frameworks.

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Omnium Resolve Dispute Avoidance Image

Dispute Avoidance

Proactive monitoring and management which identifies, addresses and rectifies issues at an early stage.

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Omnium Resolve Quantum and Delay Analysis Image

Quantum & Delay Analysis

Complete in-house complex claims management from quantum and delay analysis specialists.

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Omnium Resolve Dispute Resolution Image

Dispute Resolution

Problem-solving focused on the commercial resolution of issues, allowing projects to progress.

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Omnium Resolve Arbitration Image


Experienced management, advice, cross-examination preparation and hearing support.

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Omnium Resolve Expert Witness Image

Expert Witness

Independent, trusted and unbiased expert services from specialists with global industry experience.

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